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Our Pupils

So what's it really like to be a pupil at Worksop College and Ranby House? Click the links below to find out what our students think of our school.

And what about our former pupils? Visit our Alumni pages to find out more about the achievements of our Old Worksopians. 

Our Prefects 2017/18 

Our Prefects represent our pupil body and help to make key decisions across our school, as well as representing us at internal and external events, such as open days and recruitment events.

Ranby House Prefects 2017/18

  • Head Boy – J Varney
  • Head Girl – G Galbraith
  • Deputy Head Boy – F Cox
  • Deputy Head Girl – K Haldipur
  • Head of Chapel – M Poyner
  • Head of Chapel – R Murch
  • Head of Choir – H Bluff
  • Head of Choir – O Brown
  • Captain of Boys’ Rugby - H Bluff
  • Captain of Girls’ Hockey - G Galbraith
  • Captains of Cross Country - G Hardy and C Spencer-Knott
  • Captains of Swimming  - J Franse and K Walker
  • Captains of St Alban House - P Davies and J Simpkin
  • Captains of St Benedict House - D Recaldin and R Williamson
  • Captains of St Columba House - L Hutson and K Wall
  • Captains of St Dunstan - E Nicholls and N Brown

Worksop College Prefects 2017/18

Purple Gowns (Captains of School) 

  • Captain of School - C Roettgen (Mason) 
  • Captain of School - C Thorman (Gibbs) 
  • Vice Captain of School - E Cooley (School) 
  • Vice Captain of School - M Rose (Pelham) 

Blue Gowns (School Prefects)

  • H Brown (Shirley) 
  • A Brown (Mason)
  • T Clough (Pelham)
  • J Dickinson (Gibbs)
  • F Dudley (Shirley)
  • K Egan (Derry)
  • A Elba (School)
  • N Keast (Pelham)
  • E Levick (Derry)
  • R Parker-Cole (Talbot)
  • T Sugiyama (Mason)
  • S Taylor (Pelham)
  • C Waddington (Shirley)
  • Dan West (Talbot)
  • J Wright (Derry) 
  • T Yang (Talbot)